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Our mission is to provide an earth-friendly & people-friendly alternative to disposable & household products.

Our premium products are very strong and no chemicals or coatings are added to the tableware, making them all natural. Because we use a natural raw material, every piece of tableware is different which gives them a very nice look and feel.  It’s time to become part of the change our world needs.  Join us on the journey!

Going green does not mean you have to compromise on quality or performance.

GoGradable’s complete line of bagasse products that meet the needs of the Eco-Conscious Consumer.

Bagasse is a by-product of sugar production. Bagasse is the fiber that remains after extraction of juice from sugarcane. The remaining fiber is pressed into forms in a high-heat, high-pressure process using considerably less energy compared with pulping wood for paper products.

Since it is a waste by-product, it does not require additional cultivation lands and has no impact on the area of forests. Bagasse products are biodegradable in commercial compost facilities for up to 90 days. These 100% compostable bowls will degrade back to organic compost material and can then be used for fertilizer.

Plates made from Bagasse are thicker and more rigid than traditional paper plates. They have ideal thermal properties for hot, wet or oily foods. You can even microwave them for 2-3 minutes.  Let us know how we can exceed your expectations.  

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100% Biodegradable Husk Fiber Boxes

Rice husk is harvested from rice fields then milled in a factory. After the milling process, the husk of the rice seed is left over as waste. We keep rice husks out of landfills by taking the husks and putting it through our manufacturing process. The result is eco-friendly all-natural  RICE husk fiber products.

We offer a complete line of husk Fibre boxes to meet all of your commercial needs.

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From fallen palm leaves of the Areca palm trees to environmentally friendly products.

GoGradables is a global supplier of eco friendly and sustainable restaurant products and supplies. Replace your business’s plastic and styrofoam packaging with these eco-friendly products. If you are interested in other products available from, feel from to fill out a sample request a quote or check at our other container and tableware offerings

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