Bagasse – The Future Is Now

GoGradable’s complete line of bagasse products that meet the needs of the Eco-Conscious Consumer.

Bagasse is a by-product of sugar production. Bagasse is the fiber that remains after the extraction of juice from sugarcane. The remaining fiber is pressed into forms in a high-heat, high-pressure process using considerably less energy compared with pulping wood for paper products.

Since it is a waste by-product, it does not require additional cultivation lands and has no impact on the area of forests. Bagasse products are biodegradable in commercial compost facilities for up to 90 days. These 100% compostable bowls will degrade back to organic compost material and can then be used for fertilizer.

Plates made from Bagasse are thicker and more rigid than traditional paper plates. They have ideal thermal properties for hot, wet or oily foods. You can even microwave them for 2-3 minutes.  Let us know how we can exceed your expectations.  

Our mission is to provide an earth-friendly & people-friendly alternative to disposable & household products.

To make the compostable Bagasse plates and bowls, the process starts with the repurposed Bagasse material. The material arrives at the manufacturing facility as wet pulp. The wet pulp is then converted to dry pulp board after being pressed in a beating tank. Bagasse can be made into tableware using either wet pulp or dry pulp board; while wet pulp requires fewer steps in the production process than using dry pulp board, wet pulp retains impurities in its mixture. We take the extra step to remove the impurities and convert the wet pulp to dry pulp board in order to make higher quality products.

After the wet pulp has been converted to dry pulp board, the substance is mixed with an anti-oil and anti-water agent in a Pulper to make the substance sturdier. Once blended, the mixture is piped into a preparation tank and then the molding machines. The molding machines instantaneously press the mixture into the shape of a bowl or plate, creating up to six plates and nine bowls at a time.

Going green does not mean you have to compromise on quality or performance.

The finished bowls and plates are then tested for oil and water resistance. Only after the bowls and plates pass those tests can they be packaged and ready for consumers. The completed packages are filled with plates and bowls to be used for picnics, cafeterias, or any time there is a need for disposable tableware. Tableware that provides peace of mind for the eco-conscious.

The plates and bowls are 100% biodegradable and can completely break down in 90 days in a compost facility. GoGradables takes a waste-product that would end up in a landfill and creates a useful, consumer-ready product with little environmental impact. We are very proud to be one step closer to eliminating waste from landfills. Try our Bagasse plates and bowls today! For more information and to view the newest line of products, click to view our 6 in. Plates, 12 oz. Bowls, and 9 in. Plates.

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