Sugarcane Bagasse Lifecycle

What is Bagasse? How is it used to make plates and bowls?

Bagasse is the fibrous material that remains after the juices are removed from sugarcane stalk. The fibrous portion generally becomes a waste product after the juices are separated.  This is where GoGradables makes use of the Bagasse that normally ends up in a landfill in order

This diagram shows the circular life cycle of the sugarcane bagasse. We believe that just saying our products are eco-friendly is not enough, we also have to consider the way its made and end of its life and how we can continuously sustain this process so as to really present a viable solution to the plastic waste problem.

By using a material that would have been thrown out or burned, the goal is to to even out our carb

on footprint eventually achieving a carbon negative state and have a positive impact on the environment.

Going green does not mean you have to compromise on quality or performance.

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