What is Bagasse?

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is known as sugarcane pulp, and is a by-product of the sugarcane industry. It is a fibrous extract that is left behind after the juice of the sugarcane plant is harvested. The extract is then used as a renewable resource for the production of paper products and as a fuel by many factories.

Why Bagasse?

🌿Bagasse containers are cost-effective.

🌿They are environmentally-friendly

🌿Lightweight yet durable.

These containers are great alternatives to single use plastic at the best price possible.


🌿 Microwave & Oven safe

🌿 Water & Grease proof

🌿 100% Plastic Free

🌿 Food contact safe

🌿 Freezer safe

Sustainability should become a lifestyle choice for the betterment of our planet and our people.

Level up your food packaging with our eco-friendly products.

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